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THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME #3, Valle Aurelia, Rome


This Sunday, 29 November, from 1pm to evening, the traveling exhibitions project There is No Place Like Home presents the third installment at Via di Valle Aurelia 27.

This time the group exhibition is conceived along the path of a street.

The Valle Aurelia neighborhood, also known as “The Valley of Hell” due to the old kilns, is today an authentic village, an oasis away from the Roman chaos.

In this extraordinary place, the artists Paolo Chiasera, Rä di Martino, Stefania Galegati Shines, Vitoria Gasteiz, Hilario Isola, Nunzio, Leonardo Petrucci, Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio, Namsal Siedlecki, and Claudio Verna present an artwork conceived for the space.

There is No Place Like Home is a project of traveling exhibitions in non conventional places, born in Rome in 2014 from an idea of the group Vitoria Gasteiz, formed by the artists Alessandro Cicoria, Stanislao Di Giugno, Giuseppe Pietroniro, Daniele Puppi, Marco Raparelli, and from two art historians, Giuliana Benassi e Giulia Lopalco.

Without a curatorial guide, the group decided that is the place which is the main inspirer and starting point of the exhibition, and which dictate the possibilities and limits of expression to each invited artist.

The goal is to preserve the individuality of each research and take it spontaneously in dialogue with the other through the concept of a choral event.

Along with the space the time factor stands also as decisive element: the duration of each show is concentrated in a few hours at a time so that the space remains active as a meeting place for artists and the public.

The first exhibition was held in Rome in 2014 at the yard of a house under construction in Via Aurelia Antica. The event lasted 72 hours and the space was open 24 hours on 24.

The book of this exhibition is edited, designed and published by NERO.

The second step reached the Island of Vignole in Venice, in the spaces of the Polveriera where it was held a bucolic feast of 12 hours.


THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME #3, Via di Valle Aurelia 27, Rome

From 1pm to evening


There is No Place Like Home, 29.11.2015, Valle Aurelia – Roma


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